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Hm, I'm not exactly sure how to do this, but oh well..

Hello! I am usayu, a girl largely devoted to her lovely fandoms. I love meeting people with the same common interests/fandoms.. so leave a comment! I'd love to talk! :3

Hello! Project: my loves since 2011. So proud of them all. My absolute oshi will always be Michishige Sayumi.

AAA: Perfection ;AA; I love everything they do.

EBiDAN: How I got into these crazy guys I will never understand, but I now am a huge fan of Choutokkyuu (超特急) and DISH//. They are all adorkable losers. /shakes fist

Others; ONE OK ROCK, Scandal, Sako Tomohisa

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28 January 2013 @ 02:53 pm
Man I haven't posted in a few months, just lurked

It took 3 years, but Morning Musume has finally been able to get another Oricon Weekly Single Chart #1.

Not only did they get 4 first places for the daily charts, but now it's a first place for the week with almost 93k.

I'm so happy for the girls, I think they've deserved it with all their hard work T^T

I hope they keep the small string of success they've been having for the past 3 singles.

19 November 2012 @ 08:00 pm
I'm relieved that it's not Sayumi, my favorite member forever and ever, who is graduating. I was so scared when the next concert tour's title was announced (it being called Michishige☆Eleven SOUL), but now with Tanaka Reina Graduation Special attached to the back of it..

There goes the currently best vocalist in the group. /: On the bright side, it's all Sayumi's reign now..

Does a post-Reina Momusu mean an era of more equal line distribution? One of my friends thinks so and she's happy to see Reina leave, but.. I have a feeling Riho will be taking most of the lines with bits of the other members there or even them not getting lines at all. Maybe, maybe with Sakura alongside her in the center (which I think I'll be okay with). I think Zukki and Mizuki deserve lines Riho will be getting; she kind of shouts when she sings. :c

I was hoping Sayumi and Reina would hang in the group a bit longer, but it seems like even Sayumi's graduation is nearing.

Reina wasn't near my favorites, but graduations make me sad nonetheless ;_;

FLAWLESS girls omg. <3 This unit skdjfsdjfdsf. They all look and sound great. Can I just say that Miyabi and Maimi are absolutely perfect? Oh, and Haruna is adorable. That little part of Chinami and Maimi at the end was cute. And those kicks in the choreography look crazily hard to do. I think there's one part where you can see Chinami do like, 359 degrees with her legs.. @_@ This is my favorite out of the Satoyama Movement songs and no not out of biasness u_u
04 November 2012 @ 12:32 pm
So I finally watched the last four episodes of Sprout like a month after I watched episode 7..

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I watched episode 1 of Piece, too and wow I thought it was really interesting and so different from Sprout. I hope we can see more Airi in the future episodes (the most she got was one minute in episode 3 LOL). I liked the first episode even thought it's mainly flashbacks.

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You get a good start of what kind of people your main characters are and I like the interactions between Honda and Yuma.

Looking forward to watching the future episodes~
03 November 2012 @ 09:46 pm

Listened to Taylor Swift's latest album recently, and wow I totally forgot how much I love her music. <3 Got into her music around the Fearless era, but after I jumped into J-Pop and J-idols I stopped listening to her. But yeah, I thought "Red" was really good.

My favorites were Red, 22, We are Never Ever Getting Back Together, Stay Stay Stay, and Starlight. The similes in Red made the song stand out for me, and it's the song that made me decide to give the album a try. Stay Stay Stay was such a cute song, and both 22 and We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together are fun songs. We, eee~ For some odd reason I always seem to love star-themed songs, and I love Starlight's lyrics.

I don't remember "Fearless" or her other albums having a lot more slow songs than fast-paced songs.. To be honest the slower the songs are the less likely they'll be.. within my tastes or something? Anyways I think I'll be listening to Taylor more now. :3

lol this is just me wondering what to do with my LJ account

01 November 2012 @ 08:28 pm
I really like their A and B-side of their first single, Koi no Tenki Yohou. To be honest, I didn't expect myself to like them when I first heard of the group u_u;; Was kind of skeptical that their songs would be good but I'm glad I decided to watch their MV.

Koi no Tenki Yohou's poptastic beat is just so contagious. Not only that, but the chorus -- oh my oh my oh my GOSH. What is this tune I am hearing and how did it get stuck in my head? People have commented on their Taiwanese accents, but I don't know, I rather think that their accents are cute. I could do without the talking part in the middle and the giggling part at the end, but I can't do anything about that. This song is stuck in my soul.

Loving Pass is such a sweet song! It's like overly sweet candy that still manages to be good and make you crave more. Follow me, oh oh follow me~

The random laughing and talking in the two songs kind of bug me, but that's probably the only thing I don't like about the songs. I'm looking forward to their second single to see what they come out with~ Compared to all the main H!P groups that took a few songs for me to like them, wow just listening to two songs by these girls makes me want to follow them. :u