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01 November 2012 @ 08:28 pm
Weather Girls - Koi no Tenki Yohou  
I really like their A and B-side of their first single, Koi no Tenki Yohou. To be honest, I didn't expect myself to like them when I first heard of the group u_u;; Was kind of skeptical that their songs would be good but I'm glad I decided to watch their MV.

Koi no Tenki Yohou's poptastic beat is just so contagious. Not only that, but the chorus -- oh my oh my oh my GOSH. What is this tune I am hearing and how did it get stuck in my head? People have commented on their Taiwanese accents, but I don't know, I rather think that their accents are cute. I could do without the talking part in the middle and the giggling part at the end, but I can't do anything about that. This song is stuck in my soul.

Loving Pass is such a sweet song! It's like overly sweet candy that still manages to be good and make you crave more. Follow me, oh oh follow me~

The random laughing and talking in the two songs kind of bug me, but that's probably the only thing I don't like about the songs. I'm looking forward to their second single to see what they come out with~ Compared to all the main H!P groups that took a few songs for me to like them, wow just listening to two songs by these girls makes me want to follow them. :u