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03 November 2012 @ 09:46 pm

Listened to Taylor Swift's latest album recently, and wow I totally forgot how much I love her music. <3 Got into her music around the Fearless era, but after I jumped into J-Pop and J-idols I stopped listening to her. But yeah, I thought "Red" was really good.

My favorites were Red, 22, We are Never Ever Getting Back Together, Stay Stay Stay, and Starlight. The similes in Red made the song stand out for me, and it's the song that made me decide to give the album a try. Stay Stay Stay was such a cute song, and both 22 and We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together are fun songs. We, eee~ For some odd reason I always seem to love star-themed songs, and I love Starlight's lyrics.

I don't remember "Fearless" or her other albums having a lot more slow songs than fast-paced songs.. To be honest the slower the songs are the less likely they'll be.. within my tastes or something? Anyways I think I'll be listening to Taylor more now. :3

lol this is just me wondering what to do with my LJ account