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04 November 2012 @ 12:32 pm
Sprout & Piece  
So I finally watched the last four episodes of Sprout like a month after I watched episode 7..

because I was so upset over how I knew Hayato and Miku weren't going to last forever (because ALL shoujo things end up like that /sob). I was like omg I'll never finish this series can't I just end here believing they'll just stay together like this and totally ignore that Chinen part at the end. I actually was planning to never finish, lol but then my friend told me that I should.. so I did yesterday. u_u

All I can say is that wow when did I decide to watch a drama with angsty teenagers?? And I was like omfg when Kikkawa (soccer manager) kissed Chinen. It was just like, why did they give you such a crappy role? I thought Miyuki was strong for breaking up with Souhei because she knew he was forcing himself to be with her to keep his promise (which I don't know whether to consider it sweet or jerkish), but it was so sudden and rushed when Miku decided that her real love was Souhei..

And then when I watched the last episode I don't know whether the one year passing without anything happen was realistic or so long.. But I was glad that Kikkawa got over Souhei. Ugh she shouldn't be acting as the jealous type of girl. The ending was the same in the manga, but I feel okay with it even though I was shipping Hayato and Miku. In the manga there is no Hayato but the ending was more.. abrupt than in the drama? The drama made me go through so much feelings but in the end is was just okay, lol. I wish there was more of a happy ending for Hayato and Miyuki.

I watched episode 1 of Piece, too and wow I thought it was really interesting and so different from Sprout. I hope we can see more Airi in the future episodes (the most she got was one minute in episode 3 LOL). I liked the first episode even thought it's mainly flashbacks.

The funeral seemed more like a high school reunion than mourning someone's death.. And somehow Yuma was able to jump from the third floor of a building o_o;; Like, what? Yuma's like a carefree douche and gosh darn, Honda Tsubasa is really pretty.

You get a good start of what kind of people your main characters are and I like the interactions between Honda and Yuma.

Looking forward to watching the future episodes~