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19 November 2012 @ 08:00 pm
Just another graduation from Momusu  
I'm relieved that it's not Sayumi, my favorite member forever and ever, who is graduating. I was so scared when the next concert tour's title was announced (it being called Michishige☆Eleven SOUL), but now with Tanaka Reina Graduation Special attached to the back of it..

There goes the currently best vocalist in the group. /: On the bright side, it's all Sayumi's reign now..

Does a post-Reina Momusu mean an era of more equal line distribution? One of my friends thinks so and she's happy to see Reina leave, but.. I have a feeling Riho will be taking most of the lines with bits of the other members there or even them not getting lines at all. Maybe, maybe with Sakura alongside her in the center (which I think I'll be okay with). I think Zukki and Mizuki deserve lines Riho will be getting; she kind of shouts when she sings. :c

I was hoping Sayumi and Reina would hang in the group a bit longer, but it seems like even Sayumi's graduation is nearing.

Reina wasn't near my favorites, but graduations make me sad nonetheless ;_;